How High Will Luna Terra Go?

It is important to know that the price of Luna could reach any number and that it will continue to move up and down in price over time like all currencies. 

The current price of Luna is €76.43 after having a stellar second half to 2021.

Terra Luna Price Chart

Predictions for cryptocurrencies are very difficult. Many people use charts but I think it is more important to do your own research and decide if this is a project that you think people will think is valuable. 

Personally, I think Luna Terra has a bright future because of the many projects that are happening in the Terra ecosystem. Luna is the coin that is used on the Terra station blockchain.

Some exciting protocols that are happening within the Terra blockchain are Anchor which operates similarly to a bank but it is decentralised. This is known as Defi. Another successful protocol is Chai which is a payments system. Chai has received plenty of investment as it is one of the few crypto-related projects that is actually being used in day-to-day life in South Korea. 

If you feel that Luna is worth buying you can find out where to buy it in this article.

The great thing about the price of Luna is that it can go very high without affecting how people use money to pay for things(a medium of exchange). Stablecoins are used for day-to-day activity and Luna is primarily used as a governance token and mining as the Terra blockchain operates with a proof-of-stake model. This means that if you own Luna, you can stake your holding and earn more rewards.