Wrapped LUNA vs Terra LUNA? What is the difference?

Luna is a native token for the Terra blockchain whereas wrapped Luna is a tokenized version of Luna that you can use on other blockchains such as Ethereum.

What is Luna on Terra?

Luna is the native coin for the Blockchain Terra. Terra is a blockchain that aims to provide programmable money to the internet. There are many protocols that work on Terra including Anchor(works like a bank) and Chai(used for payments). 

Luna is usually used for governance and mining. The Terra blockchain uses stablecoins which are coins that track the price of fiat currencies such as the United States Dollar. You can also Stake your Luna on Terra. 

What is Wrapped Luna?

Wrapped Luna is a tokenized version of Luna that can be used on other blockchains. Wrapped tokens are usually created to enhance interoperability so that Luna can be used on other blockchains such as the Ethereum blockchain. 

How to convert Wrapped Luna to Luna on Terra

In order to change Wrapped Luna into Luna you will need to do the following:

  • Send your wLuna from your Coinbase(or wherever you have wLuna) account to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Create a Terra Wallet in your MetaMask.
  • Use https://bridge.terra.money/  and select Ethereum -> Terra after connecting your Metamask wallet.

Where to Buy Luna?

You can purchase Luna on Kucoin here. You can learn how to stake Luna on Terra from their whitepaper here

Where to buy Wrapped Luna?

You can buy wLuna from Coinbase, Binance and Revolut.